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7 (6 hours ago) HB1706 | People | Newhall Cowboy Leonard Cesena's Western Saddle

Searchable history of the Santa Clarita Valley (Los Angeles County) in pictures and text.

58 (1 day ago)

Lisa Odonnell:

Thats were they went to Neck when i was in HS....or so i was told ;) 5 (1 day ago)

James Snead:

What's that site look like these days? (1 day ago)

Kb King Alex D:

That's amazing, where is this? how do you access? (1 day ago)

Lisa Odonnell:

its a lovely view (1 day ago)

Samuel M Cobb:

Camp 9 (1 day ago)

Johnny White:

Sand Canyon to Bear Divide. They close the road at sundown. Look how bare the mountains are :-( (1 day ago)

Kb King Alex D:

I though that Sand Cyn/little tujunga road was closed? (1 day ago)

Vince Woodruff:

Oh the parties that went on there back in the day... 7 (1 day ago)

Dan Werner:

The road is still close but, ....... 2 (1 day ago)

Dän L Cerdo:

This is very cool. Very knew we had a site in the SCV. I'll probably head up tomorrow around lunch! (22 hours ago)

Corey Dail: 2 (21 hours ago)

Ron Kraus: 1 (20 hours ago)

Dan Werner: 1 (20 hours ago)

Mike Littleton:

Lol high school we party up there. 80s (19 hours ago)

Andy Ryan:

Anyone patrolling if you go beyond the closure? 1 (12 hours ago)

Polly Lomax:

Party time or a lovers lane 😜😎 (12 hours ago)

Allison Hastings:

I didn't realize you could still get through. I used to do the hike up bear divide and have been wondering how it held up after the fires. (11 hours ago)

Joaquin Jon Cabrera:

Awesome thanks for sharing sure brings back many good memories! (10 hours ago)

Dän L Cerdo:

FYI, there will be a Minuteman 3 rocket launch from Vandenberg between midnight and 6am tomorrow. Those interested in this post may be interested in watching if they are up.

Here is the link: (8 hours ago)

12 (16 hours ago) RM4100 | Saugus-Newhall Airport: Station, Glider Race, more, 1930-1947

Searchable history of the Santa Clarita Valley (Los Angeles County) in pictures and text.

John Gilbert:

You might want to update the article as what is now LAX was not a "mines and military Field" as written. ; "In 1928, the Los Angeles City Council selected 640 acres (1.00 sq mi; 260 ha) in the southern part of Westchester for a new airport. The fields of wheat, barley and lima beans were converted into dirt landing strips without any terminal buildings. It was named Mines Field for William W. Mines, the real estate agent who arranged the deal." -wiki North American Aviation moved to Mines Field in the 1930's, and produced aircraft for the Army Air Corps, but it was a municipal airport. 1 (9 hours ago)