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KKK leader calls interviewer the N-word and boasts of killing 6 million Jews in Univision interview

Univision’s Ilia Calderon sat down with Christian Barker, the imperial wizard of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK in Pelham, North Carolina, and his wife, Amanda. Calderon is a Latina woman. Barker and his wife—according to the segment’s...

62 (1 week ago) HS6101 | Newhall | Newhall Hardware, 1961 HS6101 | Newhall | Newhall Hardware, 1961

Drew Rust:

Great store. Always friendly and helpful people. (1 week ago)

George Slayton:

Loved Newhall Hardware! Whatever you needed, they had it.... 2 (1 week ago)

Jennifer Oliver-Rockwell:

I worked in the office, of Newhall Hardware, in 1979-1981. I also worked at Newhall Plumbing, owned in part, by Don Guglielmino. I worked with Buttercup (yes, that's what we called her) and Josie. 2 (1 week ago)

Cheryl Jackson Hawkins:

I loved Newhall Hardware. (6 days ago)

Tony Floyd:

It break's my that it's gone (6 days ago)

Danny Young:

Great store went there with Dad as a child, shopped there as an adult. 1 (6 days ago)

Bob Shepler:

Wow look at the Guns not locked up. 1 (6 days ago)

Jeannie Starks-Gasper:

I miss Newhall Hardware. They had everything! 2 (6 days ago)

Danny Young:

I was always amazed how you could give them any random piece of hardware and they would go to some magical back room somewhere and find the exact part you needed no matter what it was. 7 (5 days ago)

Rita Marie Kiefer Medall:

I miss Newhall Hardware...they had items you just could not find at stores like ACE Hardware, Lowes, Home Depot.
As Old Town Newhall revitalizes, it would be great to have a store like Newhall Hardware again. 4 (5 days ago)

Bob Holmes:

They had it, if you could find it ⚓️ 1 (5 days ago)

RuthAnne Murthy:

I sure miss Newhall Hardware! (5 days ago)

Vic Feany:

Thanks Leon Worden 1 (5 days ago)

Cynthia Harris:

Just saw Diane at a concert in Stevenson Ranch. Norm and I "Lived" at Newhall Hardware to help repair our ole house. Yep They had IT>>>If they didn't they would order it. The new True Value Hardware on Lyons could use the knowledge of Vic and Diane. 1 (5 days ago)

Tamara Robinson:

Loved that place! (4 days ago)

Judy Beadles:

I want there A lot of times cool store (4 days ago)

Mike Morgan:

Looks like Mel McSpadden, and Glenn Deines, Hart High class of '63 (2 days ago)

Fred Trueblood:

I worked for Mr. Guglielmino 50 some years ago. He gave me a life/work lesson one day that I never forgot. Newhall Hardware was a good place to work for someone who pretty much knew everyone in town. One day Mr G put his arm around my shoulder and said, Fred your job is to sell hardware not greet customers. He only said these things once. Lots of memories there. 3 (2 days ago)