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Dakar Rally: 40 years - 40 stories #DakarRally
1. The Marreau brothers - 1982 🚗 🇫🇷

Adventurers from head to toe and to the very tips of their beards, Claude and Bernard Marreau had already travelled through Africa on several occasions when Thierry Sabine announced the creation of Paris-Dakar in 1978. They were the first to sign up for this adventure which was tailor-made for crazy guys like them. For their first two participations, they took part in a Renault 4L transformed into a 4x4 in their garage in Nanterre, in the Parisian suburbs. However, it was only in 1982, behind the wheel of a Renault 20, that the brothers finally achieved success on the shores of Lac Rose.

#Dakar2018 🇵🇪🇧🇴🇦🇷 862 (19 hours ago)

Michael Seeary:

Cameron Altmann, David Romeril what hell? A renault, a range rover and zebra! What more could you want 1 (3 hours ago)

Chuck Nelson:

Racing in jeans and t-shirts, what an era. 3 (18 hours ago)

Delta Mike:

The good old days, things are to overcomplicated these days. 3 (14 hours ago)

Zamana Ivannovitch:

Ils courent pour de la victoire non pas pour les sous...et c'était la belle époque car l'annulation des étapes n'existent pas. Ce sont des héros. 1 (16 hours ago)

Julien Paolinetti:

Benjamin Leveille
Une autre époque ! Je nous aurais bien vu dans ce genre là !!! 1 (6 hours ago)

François Sillé:

On est Si loin du show de maintenant... il fallait en avoir, eux Ils en avait à revendre ! Allez Renault ! (18 hours ago)

Fabian Marseau:

at the time a key of twelve and it leaves again 1 (18 hours ago)

David Rubio:

Y quien me sabe decir por qué ganaron??
Jejejeje...eran unos máquinas!! (15 hours ago)

Benjamin Leveille:

Il faudrait faire l’africa race ou le dakar classic (5 hours ago)

Afonso Marques:

Muito bom... quando o Dakar, era o Dakar... (2 hours ago)

David Stuart Boardman:

those were the days . . . . . (18 hours ago)

Robert SaŁata:

to były prawdziwe rajdy :) (16 hours ago)

Stéphane Michel Bouvier:

Magnifique lerci (16 hours ago)

Jason Carmello Cassar:

The real and true Dakar (4 hours ago)

Jason Dawson:

cool as (3 hours ago)

Jose Maria Aguirre:

Manuel Fuentes Mendia Kevin Morales jajaja algo así como cuando le ganas al Chepe va Meme Fuentes (16 hours ago)

Mitolino della Canova:

Francesco Federico... le mie Dakar! 😍 (17 hours ago)

Rodrigo Olivera:

Stanislaw Arzamendia 1 (11 hours ago)

Paddy Amin:

Matthew White 1 (6 hours ago)

Ale Medo:

Bruno Oddo 1 (16 hours ago)

Lucas Dlms:

Yann Duffillot ;) (12 hours ago)

Marielle Clement:

Stephane Clement Eloïse Clement (5 hours ago)

Sebastian Schroiff:

Stephanie Schroiff 😀 (56 minutes ago)

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