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The Brontë Society: A woeful Branwell writes to his friend Francis Grundy in June 1846:
'The gentleman with whom I have been [Rev Robinson of Thorp Green) is dead. His property is left in trust for the family, provided I do not see the widow; and if I do, it reverts to the executing trustees, with ruin to her. She is now distracted with sorrows and agonies; and the statement of her case, as given by her coachman, who has come to see me in Haworth, fills me with inexpressible grief. Her mind is distracted to the verge of insanity, and mine is so wearied that I wish I were in my grave.'
What followed was a steady descent into alcoholism and addiction ... 36 (2 days ago)
Lucas Tahiruzzaman Syed:

In our show, he also retreats into their childhood fantasy stories as part of this emotional shutdown. Here his song here:

youtu.be/iCjGAHyWY-4 (1 day ago)

Donald Biggs:

Poor Branwell. (1 day ago)

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