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The Brontë Society: Having recently returned from her honeymoon, on 22 August 1854 Charlotte wrote these poignant words to her friend Margaret Wooler:
'We have had many callers too - from a distance - and latterly some little occupation in the way of preparing for a small village entertainment. Both Mr Nicholls and myself wished much to make some response for the hearty welcome and general good-will shewn by the parishioners on his return; accordingly the Sunday and Day-Scholars and Teachers - the church ringers, singers &c. to the number of 500 were asked to Tea and Supper in the school-room - They seemed to enjoy it much, and it was very pleasant to see their happiness. One of the villagers in proposing my husband's health described him as 'a consistent Christian and a kind gentleman.' I owe the words touched me - and I thought ... that to merit and win such a character was better than to earn either Wealth or Fame or Power. I am disposed to echo that high but simple eulogium now. If I can do so with sincerity and conviction seven years - or even a year hence - I shall esteem myself a happy woman.' 94 (1 day ago)

Azeez Ahmad:

Ultimate in devotion. Gem of a description from the genius 1 (19 hours ago)

Tracey Lynn Johnson:

So sad that she wouldn't live another year. :( 2 (1 day ago)

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