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The Brontë Society: A rare letter from Emily to Ellen written on this day 1843:
Dear Miss Ellen,
I should be wanting in common civility if I did not thank you for your kindness in letting me know of an opportunity to send 'postage-free' ... Charlotte has never mentioned a word about coming home [Charlotte was in Brussels] if you would go over for half a year perhaps you might be able to bring her back with you otherwise she may vegetate there till the age of Methuselah for mere lack of courage to face the voyage.
All here are in good health so was Anne according to the last accounts - the holydays will be here in a week or two and then if she be willing I will get her to write you a proper letter - a feat that I have never performed.
With love and good wishes,
E J Bronte 53 (1 day ago)
Pama Lee Bennett:

Love this! Shows Emily had a sense of humor.... (1 day ago)

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