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Darren Forster: There is a new autonomy website on the horizon - it is virtually ready to go, all I need is some people to have a look at it and tell me what you think of it.

If you would like to take a look at it then please visit www.axiam-pc.co.uk/autonomy let me know of any issues you might come across on it (the only one I know of at present is the slight issue with the accessibility features as the X to close that screen overlay needs to be made clearer but it would be great to know what everyone else thinks, the new website should be going live sometime in February and will be moved to the traditional shropshireautonomy url (at present it's only in a testing location). 14 (1 month ago)

Home | Shropshire Autonomy

Welcome to Autonomy, an independent, self-funded, Shropshire and Telford based self-help and social group for young people and adults who have Asperger syndrome (AS) or high ability autism (HFASD), (diagnosed or undiagnosed) run by Sara and Eric Heath who have personal experience of Asperger syndrom...

Darren Forster:

oh and one other thing if you want to test the contact form then please feel free although just so you know at present the contact form does send all e-mails to me, this will be changed when the site goes live. (1 month ago)

Christopher Powney:

my only complaint so far is that when you look at pictures the place that picture was taken is in white and is white writing difficult to see would need to change the colours for that (1 month ago)

Sara Heath:

Great news Darren. Thanks for your hard work. Autonomy is pleased to again have a website designed by Aspies and run by Aspies... 3 (1 month ago)

Eric Loveland Heath:

On Chrome running on android - top title bare with menu drop down is black, text and box for menu is black. Hard to make out. Would it not be better the same blue as search and accessibility bar?

Spacing on search and accessibility bar - it sits very close on top of the autonomy logo.

Headings might look better being more in fund with autonomy colour scheme.

Justifying of body text is too close to edges of page and leave characters being pushed off slightly each side, meaning the start or end of a character can be cut off slightly by the bezel around the screen. 1 (1 month ago)

Andy Tate:

Ask Vix she pretty goodwith all this stuff and so is Ruth they might give you some suggestions me I#m a complete dunce with this sort of thing (1 month ago)

Thomas Vaughan:

Thanks Darren Forster for designing this, looks really good! I have a couple of feedback points regarding user experience - firstly I think that the images/descriptions of Autonomy and Autonomy+ are what most new visitors to the site will want to see straight away, and what will really grab their attention. Therefore I would put these higher up the homepage, directly below the menu bar. The events/newsletter/facebook feed are more like secondary information and could go further down the page.

I also think it would be good to link the images to the relevant pages (eg. picture of Sara and Danny could link to the Autonomy+ section of the site rather than just enlarging the image?). At present anyone who reads "Please click on the AutonomyPlus+ tab for more information and contact details" has to scroll all the way back up the page and select from the menu bar - this is particularly onerous on a narrow mobile device. Don't want to sound overly negative though, as what you have done is brilliant :) 2 (1 month ago)

Darren Forster:

Thanks for the feedback Thomas, you don't sound too overly negative, it's good to know ways to improve the site especially for mobile usage. 1 (1 month ago)

Sara Heath:

Hi Darren, could we have a tiny blue butterfly on the tab on the page which shows up on the browser? Then we can find the website when we have multiple tabs open..... 1 (1 month ago)

Darren Forster:

Yes I can look into sorting these out. The favicon is easy to change (I think at present it's the Drupal logo). I'll look at implementing these ideas over the next few days as at present I'm just rescuing my sister's hard drive as it failed unexpectedly yesterday (1 month ago)

Darren Forster:

ok some updates - you will notice that the mobile menu is now blue and nicely laid out so people can see it properly. Also there is now an blue butterfly as the icon for the website (if you've been on the website already you might need to press Ctrl+F5 for it to update),

Also there is now an option to add events that repeat, although at present repeated events are sorted by date of the original event not in order of the correct date...

This is because of how it works - unfortunately Views will only use data from the database for filtering and sorting, databases don't calculate repetition this is done by PHP and before the Views module outputs the HTML there doesn't appear to be an option to change it's sort order. I do have an idea to fix it which involves grabbing the HTML output and getting PHP to re-work it and filter out past dates first or getting jquery to sorter/filter but that will take a bit more work. 2 (1 month ago)

Andy Tate:

The Gig at the Darwin centre could be mentioned if it's still on? (1 month ago)

Sara Heath:

Yes it is still on. We will advertise it asap. (1 month ago)

Sue Robdale:

Looks good to me! Had a few issues using it on my mobile...but I think that's my mobile at fault! (1 month ago)

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