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Sara Heath:  5 (2 weeks ago)
11 people went

Nadine Jenkins:

Looking forward to going😊 1 (2 weeks ago)

Anna Costin:

I won't be going due to getting travel sickness don't understand why people force themselves to go then moan that they are overloaded by the trip!!! (1 week ago)

Nadine Jenkins:

Anna Costin sometimes we have a rest day before or after or even both 1) to rest/chill in order prepare ourselves for a busy next day, like the day trip.And 2) a rest day after to recover.
You could try this. (1 week ago)

Anna Costin:

I try to have a rest day but can't cos of constant anxiety (1 week ago)

Nadine Jenkins:

That's not good, sorry to hear that.What about colouring Anna. (1 week ago)

Sara Heath:

There are two minibus places free if anyone wants to come on Saturday. (3 days ago)

Nadine Jenkins:

Catherine Jones?? X (3 days ago)

Stacey Pitt:

U get trivial sickness tablet you take it a hour before you about to go on a Journey: (3 days ago)

Krissie Cooke:

Sometimes stacey nothing will work on some people (2 days ago)

Krissie Cooke:

Never heard anything son daft in don't go trips for a reason (2 days ago)

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