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Sara Heath: Now that we have such lovely snow and bright Christmas decorations and lights - all winter themes, how about taking Christmas themed photo now to be entered for next year's Autonomy Christmas card. You could win £10.00 if your picture is chosen! 6 (1 day ago)
Darren Forster:

Every year I keep thinking I should enter the Christmas card competition... maybe next year. (2 days ago)

Sara Heath:

That would be great Darren Forster. (2 days ago)

Nadine Jenkins:

I was only thinking yesterday funnily enough Sara of taking a picture for next year in this SNOWY weatherrrr😊😁!OlNhed to take some by the Mere rtf yesterday, but learn't my gas needed urgently topping up so had to leave going to the Mere and thankfully our two Co Ops were open and I could get my gas and electric sorted.
I thank I god that I have eye's so I could see( with my contacts in ho ho ho) and have to pinch myself😊😁, when looking through my flat windows.
Picture postcard views of the thick deep snow coating everything it touches and a sight that is just SO wonderful😊, that it really feels, just like an early Christmas present😊😁!X 1 (2 days ago)

Mark Burton:

I can't be botherd because if I did I can gess my photo would not be picked because I did it once and I was not told it had been a photo you had to take (17 hours ago)

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