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Sara Heath: This is a really helpful document about autistic Meltdown and Shutdown. It was produced by autism west midlands. You can download and print out more fact sheets like this one from: www.autismwestmidlands.org.uk/helpadvice/downloads 4 (01-01-1970)

Anna Costin:

Can you email this to me please for my mental health workers thanks (4 hours ago)

Rita Walker:

I have down loaded this and printed it off , because my daughter was diagnosed late in her life I read everything about Autism and how I can help , the diet idea seem great but what to eat is the question , it sounds common sense but we need more help (3 hours ago)

Anna Costin:

So true I go into shut down quite often and melt down too and a lot of the time there isn't a trigger for me and only certain people can calm me down. (3 hours ago)

Rita Walker:

I have always believed in the answer being so simple we may have allowed it to pass us by , 1 (3 hours ago)

Sue Robdale:

Was amazed at the huge variety of topics on this website...and will go back to it when I have more time. Fantastic resource!😁 (1 hour ago)

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