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La Sezione Italiana della Brontë Society

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Diane M Denton: Now available! "Without the Veil Between, Anne Brontë: A Fine and Subtle Spirit". New novel gives us the "other" #Brontë sister, Anne: courageous, committed, daring & fiercely individual, a writer of remarkable insight, prescience & moral courage.
At amazon.com
print: amzn.to/2B0YkBq
Kindle: amzn.to/2iTIYqR

In Italy - at amazon.it
print: amzn.to/2Axd2Nh
Kindle: amzn.to/2koprzh

Whole passages are beautifully written: meticulous, poetic, luminous, and powerful. The ending, echoing the title, is especially brilliant. I can’t think of anyone better suited (than DM Denton) to bring us into the world and the life of the sensitive, creative, and quietly courageous Anne Brontë. (1 week ago)

Without the Veil Between: Anne Brontë: A Fine and Subtle Spirit

Without the Veil Between catches both the triumph and the tragedy of Anne's short but quietly courageous and determined life. This book gives us Anne. Not Anne, the 'less gifted' sister of Charlotte and Emily, nor the Anne who 'also wrote two novels', but Anne herself, courageous, committed, dari...

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