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George Grimm: ====5 reasons why the Administrative or District Court judge has no power over you=====

(unless it is a Supreme Court judge, with the jury present, where you are taken for committing an open crime against life and freedom of another living being):

1. He is under Admiralty (Maritime) Law, while you are not (you and all living beings are under Common Law).
So two parties can not have any legal relations, unless you consent by ignorance and put yourself under his fake jurisdiction, i.e. he can't have any legal contract with you without your permission (which you must not give!).

2. He is unable to produce his proof of jurisdiction, when you ask him to do so.

3. When you ask him, he has to admit that he is subject to Common Law, (which overrules the District and Administrative codes and statutes, thus making the latter null and void if they don't comply with it)

4. He deals only with dead entities, not with living men/women of flesh and blood.

5. He can't act on behalf of an inured party, if such is not present and an evidence of actual crime/injury is presented. For such the living human being (injured party) must be present, and neither prosecutor nor judge can ever take their role. They can act only on behalf of the state/corporation, which is not involved in the case.

Conclusion: you don't have to obey their summons to the court, as any summon or affidavit served on you is not a law but only an invitation to contract, which requires your Consent. Without your consent they can not proceed and create a case. But you must not remain silent either, as the silence constitutes consent. You must Rebut their claims and notices by counter notice, sent by registered mail, 3 times. In which you state that you take their claim for value but with the condition that they can produce an actual evidence of the injury and the injured party.

Neither must you admit that you are your corporate name as it is shown on their summon letter (which is as it looks on your Birth Certificate (which is Government's Bond over you) or in your passport or driver license, mostly printed all in CAPS and signify dead corporate entity). You must respond as "Free man, living flesh and blood", and as your "personal person's representative, in his private capacity", and where you autograph your letter to them, write under it "al rights reserved" and "without prejudice". This removes their jurisdiction over you from the start.

Then you stick a postal stamp at the top right corner and cross sign it. Then do the same on the flip side (last page) of your letter, and date and sign it across the stamp. This creates your OWN jurisdiction and you become a Postmaster (which creates actually two witnesses supporting your letter).

Your rebuttal letters will have even more weight if you verify them with Notary Public, (verifying the true copy and date stamp it) and then send those letters by registered mail, or alternatively, submit them in person to a Court clerk, who has to give you an acceptance slip, for you to have a proof that your letter was accepted and read. You should give them a deadline to respond to your rebuttal, usually 14-20 days, if you use just one letter, or if you do it in 3 stages, 21, then 6 and then 3 days. In most cases they will be unable to respond and produce evidence against you, and will dismiss the case. 8 (13 hours ago)
Starrlite Mclean:

Just curious if you have done this? Here in NZ? (6 hours ago)

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