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Kathryn Chivers: Which Rotary club does this please? 4 (21-08-0040)

Rhonda Day:

Love this and there is great potential as a Rotary project!! There was an article about this in February Rotary Down Under....says pilot program was implemented through RC Chelsea, Vic and collection by Rotary has now expanded all over Australia... (8 hours ago)

Rhonda Day:

(8 hours ago)

Kathryn Chivers:

Thank You Rhonda.I loved the article Green matters and fully agree would be a great project. I will contact the RC of Chelsea . 1 (7 hours ago)

Melissa Hebbard:

I think that this is a project that is about the hotels co-operating to collect the already used soaps, but there is also a program called Pinchapoo that is collecting unused soap and shampoo, toothbrushes and shaving stuff to be handed out to homeless people. The Rotary Club of Preston is running that one. Another great program. 1 (3 hours ago)

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