Registering a Wallflux Feed

Wallflux is currently not providing feeds

Unfortunately, Wallflux is currently not able to provide rss feeds or iframes. This is due to a change at Facebook. We're working hard to resolve the issue, but we're currently unsure if our service can be restored.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Export Facebook Page- and Group-walls to RSS 2.0 and Atom-feeds

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Wallflux is free
Wallflux services work free of charge.
Registered Wallflux-feeds have several enhancements: They are live, they don't show a demonstration notice and we serve links are served without delay.

If you need a live feed, the demonstration notice is bothering you, or you want to support the further development of Wallflux, you can register your Wallflux here.

Wallflux registration

You can register a Wallflux for a weekly or annual plan. When you need to try out a registered Wallflux, or when you need a registered Wallflux for a short period, a weekly registration will suit you: The fee for a Regular Wallflux in the weekly plan is €1/week and for an Atom feed €2/week.

As a courtesy to users of a registered Wallflux, you get unlimited access to your ad-free Wallflux iframe.

If you plan to use a Wallflux longer then fifteen weeks it saves you money to register your Wallflux for the annual plan. The fee for an initial year of Regular Wallflux is €15. The fee for an initial year of Wallflux Atom is €30. We charge €10 for subsequent years of a Regular Wallflux and €20 for subsequent years for a Wallflux Atom. You can decide to register for one year only, or for a rolling registration. You can always cancel your Wallflux registration through Paypal. Your Wallflux registration will then automatically expire when the registered period is over.

If you register your Wallflux for the weekly plan and you use it more than fifteen weeks, you are not eligible for a Wallflux year. To switch to the regular registration scheme, you need to cancel (at Paypal's paylist) your weekly feed subscription, and register your Wallflux for the annual plan.

It is not possible to switch weekly Wallflux registrations between different Wallflux feeds or between Regular Wallflux feeds and Wallflux Atom. Each Wallflux needs to be registered separately.

If you register a one-off year, you will notice that the fee for a regular Wallflux is divided in €14,99 and €0,01 (Atom: €29,99 and €0,01). This is to work around a Paypal peculiarity. If you want, you can cancel the final €0,01 payment anytime, but it is not required.

Most of payments for Wallflux go through Paypal. If you want you can use bitcoins for the annual registration fee

The fee for setting up a Custom Wallflux feed does not include maintenance. This means that when, for example, changes at Facebook render your Custom Wallflux feed inoperatable, Wallflux does not guarantee the custom feed will become available again. If it is possible to re-enable a custom Wallflux feed, can charge a fee for re-enabling it.